Hypnotized - Official Video [HD]

Actress: Carolina Mateu

Production Company: Vecinos Films.
Writer & Director: César CamañasDirector of Photography: Jordi López HidalgoFirst Assistant Director: Carles VallsFirst Camera Assistant: Peter AntimateriaStyling, Hair and Make Up: Arturo LasoSet Design: Vecinos FilmsArt Department Assistants: Maricreu Latorre, Juan Bas ForésStill Photography: JCamañas PhotographyOnline Editor: Jordi López Hidalgo3D Artist: Juan Bas Forés, Guillermo UmpierrezColorist: Vecinos FilmsVFX Composers: César Camañas, Juan Bas ForésArt Suppliers: Stand Bike Me, Oroneta, Ópticas Comedia


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